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BACK TO LEVEL 3 LOCKDOWN: We are going to level 3 lockdown before December starts

Our country should go back to lockdown level 3 because people are not complying to rules and regulations. Taverns owners sell alcohol everyday and some days weekend they don’t close until morning and customers buy alcohol share a beer with a group. Some they are driving while they are under influence of alcohol and they make unnecessary accident that’s why it must be banned cause drinkers are irresponsible.

Going back to lockdown level 3 before December will safe alot of souls, cause only few people will be rooming in the street and most will be staying at home cause they know how dangerous covid-19 is. President Cyril Ramaphosa must consider the decision of taking back South Africa to level 3, and cigarettes could be banned cause according to me it damages the lungs.

Here are few Regulations that we may expect in Level 3

A person must leave his/her home to perform any service, travel to and from work, move their children, exercise but between 06:00 and 18:00, attend church in another area or district within the same province they live in, and attend school or a lerning institution.