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Bad News For All Sassa Grants Recipients

Previous Social Development Minister BathabileDlamini says she doesn’t owe the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) and is getting ready for a court battle against Sassa.

While attempting to recover more than R2 million from Dlamini and past CEO Virginia Petersen, Sassa has advanced toward the North Gauteng High Court, where it is also referencing the court to assist with recovering R1.4 million from Lumka Oliphant.

Sassa needs Dlamini, commonly with Petersen, to pay more than R2 million for costs caused when they affirmed procurement for emergency security protection organizations.

In an insistence transported off Daily News by Dlamini’s legal advisor Tim Sukazi, Dlamini denies acting unlawfully.

“We were urged to make game-plans for security protection, while security assessment was being investigated by the police. To this end, it was basic to act rapidly and especially having been given an endorsement by the police”.

Dlamini further explained that a couple of specialists were butchered, as there were delays in giving protection, and remembering that holding on for the security threat assessment report from the police.

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