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Between Phindile Gwala and Zodwa WaBantu, See who’s got the most amazing body shape

Celebrity lifestyle is all about being followed by the people who love and cherish ones work on a television space. Most celebrities who are doing good in the industry is not because of the characters they play on drama. It is mostly about how they take care of their bodies.

This people spend a lot of their time trying to maintain a good and healthy looking body. Social media would bash on a celebrity that is full of confidence but lack beauty. As for Phindile Gwala most people fell in love with due to how she handles herself. On Instagram she posts most amazing pictures that proof she is maintaining herself.

Zodwa WaBantu on the other hand proved to be liked by how she comes forward to her fans. The way she dresses and the dance moves she performs in front of the audience made people to fall for her. This two are sitting at over 1million followers on all social media platforms.

They are attractive and know how to carry themselves for the sake of money. Unlike local ladies who settle for less, knowing that they too have potential to be known.

Pick your favourite comment 1 for Phindile Gwala and 2 for Zodwa. See how’s the most attractive please share the article.

Zodwa WaBantu

Phindile Gwala