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Bird flu found at a SA farm highly contagious, more countries could ban SA’s poultry

If you are a die hard fan of the chicken braai pack or love chicken, now it would e a good time to take a break.

A stern warning warning has been sent out to all south Africans to please stay away from consuming any chicken or chicken braai pack as many lives are completely at risk. In a tine whereby your health is your wealth, you need to take care of your health by all means.

Avian influenza has been detected at a commercial farm in the East of Johannesburg, and it is said to be highly pathogenic and could result in many countries banning any sort of bird or chicken meat that is coming from South Africa.

According to Dr. Mpho Maja, the director for the department…the tests which were run on the 300 chickens found on the farm confirmed that the Avian flu is indeed highly pathogenic.

“The HP, as we call it, is trade-sensitive, so most countries would suspend trade from us, because the meat can have some pretty dangerous side effects on people. so we call out to all South Africans to exercise caution when consuming chicken. We do not know the extent of the damage it could cause so rather safe than sorry,” Maja said.

According to various reports, Botswana has already banned South African from transporting to their chicken, and experts fear that the list can only get longer as time goes on.