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Bishop Makamu buys a new car and he has a short message for his haters

Bishop Makamu who is also a motivational speaker has been having rough times for the past few months. A few months ago, Bishop Makamu was in hot water, this comes after a lady leaked a WhatsApp voice note of him that sounded like Bishop Makamu wanted to sleep with her. Makamu got arrested, but, later the charges were dropped and he was released.

Makamu has just gifted himself with a brand new Mercedes-Benz and this car looks pretty luxurious. Makamu posted a couple of pictures of his new whip and the post was accompanied by a short message that Bishop Makamu dedicated to his haters “The easiest way to number your haters just show off your brand new wheel. Come now I’m ready” Proudly said Bishop Makamu.People rushed into the comment section and they told Makamu that his statement was unnecessary “But you son of God..

why showing off to your haters? You finally found them keys I hope” said Ntoi. “This statement does not go down very well coming from a man of God. You do things for people not for yourself” said Mpho.