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Boity speaks about her friendship with Bonang

Boity has recently opened up about her friendship with Bonang Matheba. The media personality, who recently released her debut song has nothing but love for Ms Matheba.

While speaking on RGB, the Wuz Dat hitmaker explained that she and Bonang go a long way back.

“I’ve known Bonang since, probably I got into this industry, and she has been a big sister figure for me for the longest of time. And as much as people don’t see our actual friendship out there, you know in terms of when I see her personally, and when we text each other and what not she’s one of the most supportive people.”

Boity continued: “Whenever anything is going on she’s the first to like be ‘who am I killing, and what are we doing, who am I fixing?’’

She said Bonang is always supportive and when anything great comes she’s one of the first people to text and tells her that she’s proud of her. She described their bond as a “big sister type of relationship”.

“And I love her for that,” she added.

Source: ZAlebs