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Boity Thulo finds her long-lost ‘twin’

Boity Thulo made an interesting discovery this week – she found a woman who looks just like her!

Twitter users alerted the TV personality to her ‘twin sister’ on Monday after the “fine people” hashtag, aimed at embracing African beauty, trended.

#FinePeopleFromSomalia” was the first to trend, with scores of people from across Africa joining in by sharing pictures of the “fine people” in their country.

Celebrities such as Pearl Thusi, Simphiwe Dana and Cassper Nyovest shared pictures of their “fine” selves using the hashtag #FinePeopleFromSouthAfrica.

Boity also joined in the fun, sharing several sexy snaps of herself.

Eagled-eyed fans alerted the TV personality to a woman from Somalia who looked like her doppelganger. The woman, whose name is Brinney, is a social influencer.

Boity shared a picture of her “twin” on Twitter. “Reppin both SA and Somalia for my twin and I!” she wrote.

Boity’s followers couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Your daddy must explain … like for real he owes you an explanation …” one follower commented.

Another added: “We need to go find her and bring her home.”

They also informed Brinney about her “twin” in South Africa.

Brinney seemed just as excited as Boity about the discovery. “We going to South Africa,” she tweeted.

To which Boity replied: “I’ll be waiting, sis!”

Don’t be surprised if a Boity and Brinney collaboration pops up on your timeline soon!

Source: Citizen