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Boity Thulo slams DJ Cleo

Boity Thulo has slammed DJ Cleo after the muso claimed that convicted rapist Sipho “Brickz” Ndlovu had “fallen along the way”.

Cleo recently reunited with Brickz at a sporting event held in prison by a non-profit organisation, Humanitarian Empowerment.

Reflecting on the experience, the DJ said that we all had to run our own race and the kwaito star had fallen during his. He added that the race was not yet over for Brickz.


His comments sparked outrage and debate from fans, who flooded social media with messages about Brickz.

But Boity was, perhaps, the most vocal, responding with shock to Cleo’s comments.

Soon her comments section was flooded with people defending Brickz.

She responded to the criticism with stinging clapbacks of her own.

In fact, it got so heated that she mistepped and had to apologise for a comment she made to a follower during the debate.

Meanwhile, the war among social media users waged on over whether Cleo was cancelled or being a peacemaker.


Source: TimesLIVE