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Boity’s Baby Turns A Year Old

This afternoon Boity took to social media to announce that her baby turns a year old. She put together an intimate event to mark the special day.

Time really flies, it’s now been a year since Boity launched her alcoholic drink BT Signature.

“A few days ago, the team and I put together an event to celebrate how far my baby BT Signature has come since its launch a year ago.”

Boity thanked everyone for the support they’ve shown to her product.

“I want to thank each and every one of you for your constant support and reviews of this product, we learn so much from all of your input. I cannot wait for all of you to see all the cook stuff we have planned for the year,” she continued.

She also gave a special thank you to the distributors.

Lastly, Boity thanked her guests who came out to show her support on the day.

“Lastly, I’d like to give a big thank you to all the special guest that made the night so beautiful, thank you to @sandys_za for the incredible decor, @grootepost for the lovely bubbly, @lift__sa & @homesuitehotels for your huge contribution and dedication to putting together such a spectacular event!

Here’s to celebrating all your victories, big and small… and continuing to MAKE YOUR MARK!”

Launching BT Signature in 2021 Boity sat down with us for a chat about her new business venture.

She revealed that it was something she’d been working on since 2019.

“It is always a great experience to create something that is in your mind and seeing it come to life, so the journey was really amazing and it was eye-opening because it’s my first time in the food and beverage space, so it was a learning curve and fun.

“I am way more excited, it’s been a long journey since 2019 we have been working on this and trying to get it to life and now it’s finally here. I know it’s also nerve-wracking but it’s fine because we have done it and there is no turning back . We have to be excited and celebrate it” she shared.

Boity has always wanted to push herself to create more products.

“I’ve always had a dream of creating an RTD especially because I have not found the fruit beverage that I felt like it was perfect so throughout my journey in the entrepreneurial space, I’ve always been pushing myself to create products and moments that I feel are not there. I saw the gap and wanted to create one and make my dreams come true.”