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Bonang Caught In Another Legal Battle?

Bonang Matheba`s legal battles keep piling up as it is reported that she and an alleged business associate are embroiled in more legal battles. According to City Press, Bonang opened a case against a former business associate who allegedly stole from her.

The publication reported that Bonang received intel that the person stole her documents and wanted to obtain a visa using her details.

“The complainant alleged that on Tuesday, March 15, she received a call informing her that someone had used her personal documents while trying to apply for a visa for her without her consent,” reads a statement the publication claims they saw. “The suspect who used to work with her is in possession of her personal documents,” it further states.

But the story gets juicier when the publication claims the businessperson is allegedly her former lover. But after she opened a case against him, he apparently ditched her.

An apparent source said a romantic trip was put on ice when the whole thing started, “However, the two had fallen out and the trip was put on hold. The businessperson had eventually ghosted Matheba. He doesn’t want anything to do with her, he blocked her everywhere on his phone a long time ago,” the publication reports.

But what’s interesting is the fact that Bonang claimed she was dating an American man she met during her stay in New York. She said in an interview with Drum magazine a few weeks ago that she prefers to keep her relationship with the man private as her public relationships never worked out.

“I have been dating my American guy for about a year and four months now,” she told the publication. “But I just feel, the last time I introduced someone to my fans and followers, things just went pear-shaped.”

“Showing my relationships has never benefited me in any way. It has brought me worse than good, and I learned that the hard way. I feel like I make more money when people don’t know who I am dating. But I am happy in this relationship. You can see my happiness in my glow and I am not short of anything,” she continued.

“Just because it’s not on Instagram, doesn’t mean it’s not happened. My fans don’t love it when I keep secrets, but I have been burned in the past and I am being careful.”

Bonang is also embroiled in another legal battle and it is over the ownership of House Of BNG. Queen B took to her Twitter account and dragged Executive Director of CSA Global, Davin Philips for filth. She made a number of allegations and said enough is enough!

“One thing I WILL do, is stand up for myself!!! PUBLICLY!! I’ve had ENOUGH!! You’ve put me and my family through HELL the last 2 years!! And clearly being decent behind closed doors, isn’t the language you understand ANYMORE!!! I’m going to FIGHT!! Watch me!!”

Bonang further alleged, “You steal from black creatives!! I’m not the 1st one!! A quick Google search is all one needs…It ends TODAY!! @DavinPhillips. *Let the music play*”

Responding to Matheba CSA sent out a statement to The South African, saying Bonang is trying to ‘manipulate the facts’, “These rants and raves by Ms. Matheba are very unfortunate and tarnish her own dignity and reputation. They are also another attempt by Ms. Matheba to distort and manipulate facts. To be clear, Ms. Matheba joined CSA in 2017 and the House of BNG was launched in 2019.

“Ms. Matheba is currently in breach of multiple contracts with various clients. The matter is currently with our lawyers and her breaches of contract will be decided upon by an arbitrator.”