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Bonang hits back at calls for her to stop making alcohol and turn to God




Bonang Matheba has dismissed a suggestion that she should pack up her Champopo range and turn to God.

Bonang has been collecting serious coins and scoring major deals with her House of BNG range, but one fan was not impressed.

The follower took to Twitter over the weekend to claim they had prayed about B, and God had told her the star should stop producing alcohol.

The fan then asked why B didn’t instead use her influence for good.

“I prayed about it and God says you need to bow before him and praise him publicly and stop producing alcohol. Why don’t you use your influence for good?” the user tweeted in a post that has since been deleted.

B saw the post, because B sees everything, and then hit her with a one-two combo of “F*ck off” and a heart emoji.

The user was undeterred and responded to whoever would listen, telling them B should sell off the last batch she is working on and then give up the game.

Meanwhile, B was living her best life promoting the bottle and thanking those who had supported her.

– TimesLIVE



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