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Bonang Matheba & Pinky Girl are now BFFs Again?

Back in April, the B Force was concerned after screenshots surfaced on social media, claiming that Bonang and Pinky girl had unfollowed one another on Instagram. This sparked the rumour that the two were no longer on good terms with one another.

However, yesterday was Bonang Matheba’s birthday and Pinky girl penned her a heartfelt message to mark her 34th birthday. She also shared a couple of clips of them. “Happy Birthday Cuzzy!” She said, “may God continue to bless you with all the wonderful things in life. Wishing you a wonderful day and all the most amazing things on your Birthday! I love you Bonang.

In 2020 on The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God announced a new podcast dedicated to Black listeners and revealed that Bonang was to feature in the line-up. She would be joining the likes of Tamika Mallory, Zuri Hall and DC Young Fly.

According to reports, her podcast was to be named, Untitled. Charlemagne did not go into the details of what her show would entail. Bonang has been in New York and we believe one of the reasons for her visit could have something to do with the announcement that was made in the Breakfast Club in 2020.

Celebrating her 34th birthday in Central Park, Bonang thanked her fans for their continued support. “Image these Americans don’t know this music.” Said Bonang. “What kind of people are these people? Okay, guys, I need to go. Thank you for everything. I love you. I love everyone that is on this live right now. Ke bo 1 so. Nagana ka one le tsogile and le shebile ngwanyana wa ko Mafikeng. Thank you. I love you. I hope I will make you proud. And I hope I’ve made you proud. And I will try my best to continue to make you proud. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for all the wonderful messages you’ve sent me.”

She also confirmed that she is in a relationship. “I’m 34 years of age today – which is quite stressful.” She continued. “And yes, I do have a man and I plan on giving him children, so relax. I’m seeing him next week actually. That’s why I needed all of this because he is taking me to holiday. But yah, it’s going to be a re-uniting of him and I. But yah, I’m very very happy. I’m blessed and fortunate that’s able to have this opportunity to live here.”

– ZAlebs