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5 Things we know about Bonang Matheba’s new bae

Who is Bonang Matheba dating? That’s the question her fans can’t stop asking.

She is clearly in a “loving” relationship but is keeping mum about her man’s identity.

Queen B confirmed that she was dating a special someone last year and has been dropping hints ever since.

From gushing about “all the kisses” he gives her to showing off some of the expensive gifts he bought her, the 31-year-old is walking on cloud nine.

There has been some speculation about who her mystery man is, and some of the names being dropped are quite shocking.

Depending on who you talk two, she is dating a former minister, a Nigerian superstar or a retired Albanian football star. Those aren’t the only suggestions!

Here are six things we know about the new man in Bonang’s life.

He is rich and sxy

During a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Queen B revealed some interesting details about her new man.

She also set the record straight about rumours that her bae is Arab. “I have a loving, sxy, rich man but he is not Arab,” she said.

He is possibly a foreigner

Bonang has made a few trips to Lagos in the past year, leading some to believe that her new man is possibly Nigerian.

“If you’ve paid enough attention you would’ve noticed that Bonang Matheba has been making a lot of turns to Nigeria especially over the past couple of months. It is alleged that she has a boyfriend who resides there,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another strong contender for her foreign lover is Albanian hunk, Fatmir Hysenbelliu. The Twitter FBI believes that they have strong evidence that Queen B is dating the retired footballer and businessman. She wished him “happy birthday” on her Instagram stories earlier this month and included a pink heart emoji.

Bonang was recently spotted in Albania but was careful not to share too many pictures from her trip. Adding fuel to the flames is that several months ago, Queen joked that she was moving to Albania to live with her man! She has since deleted the tweet!

He loves spoiling her

Bonang’s man is pulling out all the stops to treat her like royalty. Not only did he spoil her with a pricey Louis Vuitton gift, but he apparently bought her a sapphire and diamond ring. CLICK HERE TO SEE PICS