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Bonang Trolled For Her Looks

One thing about Bonang Matheba, she has a loyal fan base. The entrepreneur and TV presenter is currently getting trolled on social media for her looks and people are having a field day with her.

A popular Twitter troll had Bonang trend for almost the entire day when he dragged her for her looks. The troll shared an unedited picture of Bonang in a very weird angle and even compared her to Thuli Madonsela.

If that was not enough, the troll compared her to American actress Megan Good who is years older than Bonang.

Megan is currently in her early 40s and Bonang is in her early 30s. The comparison gained traction with people slamming the TV presenter for her looks.

Here are some of the mean comments:

Her fans came to her defense saying cyberbullying contributes to mental health problems and that people should be careful what they say about others on social media.

“I’m disappointed in this comparison as we might not what Bonang might be going through resulting in the way she currently appears! There are lots of chronic diseases and depression that most people are faced with and should not be mocked or abused on social platforms!” exclaimed @Lisa__Kanana.

“And also ageism is always directed to women. Exactly why Miss USA committed suicide, to say we are hard on women aging as if it’s a disease. We are a toxic society. That pic is not a true reflection of who Bonang looks like. There’s a recent video of her. That’s her,” said @Maalehus.

“Coming for Bonang ‘s Facial Features Is Low That Woman Looks Good She’s Evolving Growing And That’s What Happens In Life She Won’t Look 24 Forever, She’s Mature And Ageing Is A Part Of Us All. We’ll Love Her Even In Her 50s,” said @KellyZenande.

Another called out people for using injections to make themselves appear younger than what they actually look like, “But it’s not just makeup, people are getting fillers, injections and face lifts to chase this “looking young” narrative and some people don’t have the funds and the “proper access” to these things.”

Bonang was recently showered with sweet words from Andile Ncube who is said to have been the one who discovered Bonang. In an interview with The Kings Of The Weekend, Andile narrated how and when he saw Bonang and why he decided to give her a shot in entertainment.

A young Bonang was auditioning for the Lotto but her age could not allow her to present. So Andile saw that as an opportunity to scout her.

“I don’t want credit for doing my job. My job was to find the very best co-anchor for this show and I found it. The accolade is in what she is doing, that is my remuneration. She needs to do better for me to even feel better,” he said. He then added, “she is the best of our time!”

Gushing over him, Bonang took to Twitter and said she loves him.