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Bontle Modiselle VS Khanyi Mbau

Let’s face it, with all the appealing trends that designers keep coming up with, we are most likely to bump into someone with the same fashion item as us, more especially if we keeping buying at popular retail stores.

We’ve spotted many celebrity A-listers rocking the same outfits, and although Bontle Modiselle and Khanyi Mbau had the same wardrobe choice on separate occasions, we’ve taken note of the colourful camo’ pants that have become a trend.

Amongst the military trends that have been recycled over the years, Camo (aka camouflage) pants have popped up on several occasions, and for pants that were designed to be worn by soldiers in order to hide and blend in with the surroundings, these colourful camo pants will definitely have you standing out.

Source: ZAlebs