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BREAKING: Another death hit ANC again

AFRICAN National Congress has been engulfed by a dark cloud again as the veteran has passed on.

While mourning the passing of Jackson Mthembu as the ANC has not healed from his death.

On Monday, news broke that a veteran has passed on at the age of 108. The ANC released a statement expressed that Mama Rebecca Kotane has passed on. She died with only few days left before her birthday where she would have turned 109.

Mama Rebecca Kotane was the wife of the late SACP general secretary, Moses Kotane. She was a comrade in her own right and she is one of the oldest stalwarts of the ANC.

She will be remembered for her role in the defiance campaigns of the 1950s and the mobilization towards the Congress of the People in 1955.

Mama Kotane participated in the historic 9 August 1956 Women’s March to the Union buildings. She was detained by the apartheid regime for jer role.

She will be greatly remembered for her role in bringing democracy.