Home Politics BREAKING NEWS: EFF highly profile leader shot dead

BREAKING NEWS: EFF highly profile leader shot dead

There have been many leaders of the political parties who have been losing their lives on a daily basis . Many of them have lost their life’s due to COVID -19 in the Republic is South Africa currently. This include General members of the EFF and the top leadership of the EFF and all spheres of the country.

Leaders of the EFF are known almost everywhere for always challenging the issues of the people always, particularly the poor Black people who are found in black Communities in most cases and probably most of the times.

Possibility is that he was challenged by the leaders and members of other political party who do not like the EFF.

May the spirit of Mfundo Hermanus from Cape Town rest eternal peace , he will be missed by many from his own political party and family also friends

We hope he will find space in heaven and the people who killed him will be found and arrested at the end