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Can a salary of a teacher afford all these cars?

Popular known as Madam B, Lulu Menziwa rose into fame/gained popularity three years ago when her Photos wearing tight fitting clothes in classroom emerges on Social media. Lulu Menziwa was dragged throughout the years that her dressing is not appropriate for kids and could results in poor results for the learners.

However, Lulu did not take criticism people debated on social media and continued to be who she is regardless of people comments. To Lulu as long as the Department of Education doesn’t have problem with it, Lulu Menziwa continues to slay at school premises.

Lulu Menziwa is a full time teacher who lives a life of like a millionaire. According to sources teachers allegedly earn R18000+ for the whole month but Lulu Menziwa wear from top to bottom clothes more than her salary in one day. And she Also drives fancy cars that cost a fortune. The question is can a teacher salary afford lifestyle?

What’s your thoughts? Do you think her salary can afford the lifestyle she portrays on social media?