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Cape town Gang boss assassinated in Johannesburg, about eleven (11) shots fired at him

Ernie “Troublesome” is no more

Ernie “Listig” Solomon THE well-known and mostly infamous Ernie “Listig” Solomon is no more.

According to various reports, Solomon was slaughtered early on Friday morning in Boksburg on the Gauteng East Rand.

According to a video, it appears that Solomon was taken out at a traffic intersection.

About 11 shots were fired at him. Four men opened fire on him. Three others who were in the car with Solomon at the time of the incident were seriously injured. This includes a five-year-old child.

A photo of Solomon lying dead behind the steering wheel of his car circulated on social media shortly afterwards.

The broken window through which the attackers opened fire on him can also be clearly seen – as can blood and brains that can be seen in the car.

Police Kay Makhubele says a manhunt is currently going to the killers and that the motive for the incident is still unknown.

It is also currently not clear what Solomon made in Boksburg.

Solomon was seen over the years as the cat with the nine lives after surviving several attacks on his life.

In the most recent incident in May this year, Solomon and his son Carlo survived a hit when they were shot in front of Solomon’s Club Octopus in his home town of Hawston.

Solomon was shot five times and Carlo three times. Jonathan “Blikke” Thomas, who was with them at the time of the incident, was shot dead.

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