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Cassper and Pearl Thusi get into it over a horse

It should be surprising that a grown man, living in a free and fair democratic society in a previously undemocratic nation with access to information would even make the so-called joke Cassper Nyovest tried to make earlier after Pearl Thusi shared a story about falling off a horse, but it is not.

Thusi took to Twitter to share the story of how – in a moment of fear – she panicked and ended up falling off a horse she was riding during a shoot. She stated that she suffered some minor injuries but that these injuries did not stop her from getting the job done.

And in true Nyovest fashion, he shared his two cents about the matter in what seemed to be a joke that just didn’t land. Even his fans failed to see the humor in it.

Not one to be messed with, Thusi swiftly snatched Cassper’s beard and let him know exactly what she thought of his “joke.”

Saying that we cannot expect Cassper to have a broader perspective on the implications of his “joke” because a) he was trying to be funny and b) he is a rapper is an absolute cop out. Nothing exempts media personalities from knowing better.

Someone who claims to stand for women, and even went to the “not in my name” march against domestic violence should not think it would be funny to imply that there are things black women just should not do, nor should he think it is funny to state that certain pretigious activities should be left for white people to enjoy.

And instead of engaging on the topic, admitting his joke failed and apologizing, Nyovest opted to flog a dead horse instead (pun intended) and force a joke that was never funny to begin with.

Maybe it’s time he took a social media break and focus on his career and expanding his mind instead.

Source: ZAlebs