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#Celebcity : Hilarious Memes Of Cassper Nyovest After Losing The Fight To Naak Musiq Broke The Internet

The most anticipated fight in South African boxing history took place a few minutes ago and we are still processing everything that happened.

The event dubbed #Celebcity took place on the 9th of April at the Suncity Superbowl, a luxurious resort nestled in Cassper’s hometown province, The Northwest.

The star-studded event was attended by some of South Africa’s most well-known personalities including Big Zulu, Minnie Dhlamini, DJ Tira, and his wife, and The River’s, Matshepo Sekgopi to name a few.

Before the match started, TKZEE was tasked with entertaining the crowd and they performed some of their well-loved classics including Shibobo and Dlala Mapantsula.

After a couple of minutes, Naak Musiq & Cassper both came out to cheers and the fight started. From the minute it begin, the two stars went in on each other, they weren’t holding anything back and they were both giving us a show.

Round after round, the punches were planted on each other’s bodies and by the fourth round, there was no clear winner. In the fourth round, after an intense back and forth, there was a double knockout when both stars fell down at the same time making it hard for judges to pick a winner.

Towards the end of the fourth round, Naak was starting to stand out as the winner, they were both equally exhausted and the strain was showing on their faces. After that, the stars went into a fifth and final round and the judges deliberated on who the winner was.

After a lengthy deliberation, Naak came out victorious.

Speaking after his win, Naak said, “Boxing has taught me great discipline, it has made me more disciplined, I am not sure if I will continue boxing but I had a good time,”

Next up, a visibly disappointed Cassper spoke and this is what he had to say, “The fight was amazing, very challenging, I took a lot of shots at Naak and he is still standing, I certainly had a lot of fun”

On his loss, he then went on to say, “my whole career is built from starting at the bottom and winning again, so I am used to this (losing) and I will come back better,” he said to the roaring crowd.

On how he feels about Naak, the businessman said, “Big shout out to Naak, big shout out to my coaches, team, and sponsors, boxing is the big winner today and now it is time to party.”

Before he left the stage, Cassper assured his fans that today’s celebrity boxing match was not staged and that everything that happened was as real as it gets, “Today’s match was not rigged, it was very real and I am glad that Naak won, especially because people did not expect him to win and I would like a rematch.”

Another star who wants to get in on the boxing action is Big Zulu who told the interviewer that he would like to participate in a boxing match, “I want to box, please find me someone I can fight,” he said in Zulu.

Twitter was buzzing and trolls were in full force. Check out some of the memes that went viral after the match: