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Celebrities You Wont Believe Are Zimbabwean

When one of your own people do good and achieve something big, we all shine and feel proud. Whether they keep it a secret or not that they are Zimbabwean is another story, but right now allow us to claim them in our top ten international celebs who have Zimbabwean roots.

The following people have succeeded and made it internationally in their respective careers. PICTURES ARE BELOW THE POST:

1. Oskido
The South African hit maker and House music DJ is half Zimbabwean and half South African, he grew up in Zimbabwe until the age of sixteen when he moved to Johannesburg to pursue his musical career.

2. Luthuli Dlamini
Popularly known for his role as uncle Scott in Generations and roles in South Africa’s “Rockville”, Luthili Dlamini has made South Africa his home speaking some of the country’s languages. The hunky actor is from Zimbabwe, born and was raised between the UK and Zimbabwe.

3. Charlene, Princess Of Monacho
Charlene, Princess of Monaco became popular as a South African Olympic swimmer before becoming the wife of Albert II, Prince of Monaco in 2011. Charlene is the daughter of Michael and Lynette Wittstock. She was born and raised in then Rhodesia. Her family relocated to Transvaal, South Africa, in 1989, after living in Zimbabwe for several years.

4. Peter Ndoro
Peter Ndoro is a well known News anchor on SABC2’s Morning Live. He was born in Zimbabwe and went to live in England with his family, where he grew up. The Ndoros returned to Zimbabwe when Peter was 15 and he finished his schooling in Harare. He worked for ZBC Radio One. He stayed at ZBC for six months and moved to South Africa to further his career in broadcasting.

5. Dylan King (Blayze)
Dylan King was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and was raised in Rustenburg, South Africa. He is one of the first English rappers to come of S.A or should we say Zimbabwe.

6. Berita (Gugulethu Khumalo)
It’s safe to say Beritha took Zahara’s shine in the South African music industry. The Bulawayo born moved a lot with her teacher parents when she was young,they lived in New Zealand she went to South Africa.

7. Nadia Nakai
Africa’s rap queen Nadia Nakai is one of the hottest female rapper right now. Nadia Nakai is Zimbabwean, although she didn’t grow up in Zimbabwe, she is fully Zimbabwean.


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