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Most Shocking Celebrity Rivalries In South Africa

South Africa’s entertainment industry has had its fair share of celebrity rivalries.

Some celebrity beefs get so spicy, we have no choice but to grab our popcorn, put on our shades and watch the drama unfold.

From shady Twitter comments to diss tracks, no star is immune to the drama.

Here’s a look at some of the most shocking celebrity rivalries in South Africa.

AKA VS Cassper Nyovest

The biggest rivalry in Mzansi history has to be the one between rappers, AKA and Cassper Nyovest. The platinum-selling musicians started out as friends but things became sour between them shortly after Cassper released his hit single with Okmalumkoolkat, Gusheshe.

According to AKA, Cassper’s moaning on social media rubbed him the wrong way.

“He was coming up, I think it was around the Gusheshe time, and I’ve always looked out for new artists. We had even started to work on music together. One day I think he had put his video out or something, and the next day he went off about ‘I don’t have the support, no one is really holding me down, and I’m going to put this song out and show everybody.’ I think we kind of fell out, maybe because of things he said on Twitter as people do,” he told MTV Base in a 2015 interview.

Things got ugly from there. Both AKA and Cassper released “diss” tracks about each other. AKA took a swipe at his nemesis in his 2015 smash hit, Composure.

“Heard you moving up now in the city of gold. When I go to Maftown, I’mma sit on the throne. Tryna fill up the dome, ’bout to fill up your home,” AKA raps in the song.

The lyrics were clearly about Cassper, who not only grew up in Maftown (aka Mafikeng) but he is also known for his popular ‘Fill Up’ concerns.

Cassper’s diss song, Dust to Dust, was equally spicy. He more than hinted about AKA’s alleged use of drugs and also rapped about AKA’s failed relationship with DJ Zinhle.

Things got quite for a while and the rappers even appeared to kiss and make-up in 2016. They were spotted hugging at Cassper’s ‘Fill Up Orlando Stadium’ concert.

But that was short-lived reunion. Cassper revealed in 2018 that he will never reconcile with AKA for as long as he is living. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING