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Check out South African sports journalist, television and radio personality ‘Madluphuthu’ Robert Marawa’s R90 million career and his weekly salary at SABC

With the likes of Michael Abramsom, Dan Satshedi, martin Locke, and current line up of Walter Mokoena, Carol Tshabalala and Thomas Mlambo among others, it is easy to see that South Africa has been blessed with impressive talent when it comes to sports Journalists/ presenters.

Today, we take a look at none other than Robert Marawa. Marawa was born on March 1, 1973 in KwaZulu-Natal where he spent most of his childhood, and finishing his secondary school studies at Hilton Collage in Pietermaritzburg.

His TV career:

Being a good sports presenter and commentator takes plenty of skill and it is a fine art. Our own legendary Robert Marawa makes it seem effortlessly.

With a career spanning over 24 years, it is hard to imagine our sports landscape without his face and voice. Surprisingly, Marawa had dreams of becoming a lawyer. In fact, when his big break came in 1996 he was already studying towards his law degree at Wits University.

Speaking to TimeLive on how he got in to his career he said “I was studying at Wits University when I heard about auditions at the SABC. I was interested in broadcasting so I decided to take a chance and pitched up for an audition”.

However, continuity presentation was not for Marawa as he soon got bored. He then approached the sports department within the SABC and asked to join them.

Marawa then presented a football show called Laduma on Topsport. He covered the 1998 FIFA World Cup for the show and impressed viewers with his presenting skill and football knowledge. Robert has also hosted Soccerzone, Blow by Blow and several soccer shows on SuperSport.

Marawa expanded his presenting skill by branching in to radio, where he further impressed his listeners when he hosted Discovery Sports Center and Sports @6 on Metro FM.

A huge highlight of his career came in 2006 when he went to Germany to host the FIFA World Cup. The following year, he left SABC and joined SuperSport.

In 2019, Marawa was fired fired from SuperSport-allegedly via an SMS, with the broadcaster issuing a statement saying they were refreshing their local line-up. Marawa responded by hinting that he was fired for exposing sexual harassment in the workplace (allegation SuperSport denied).

Net worth and salary:

Marawa has an estimated net worth of over US$6 million (R90 million) earned mainly through his impressive sports journalism and presenting career.

In 2018, Marawa signed a three-year deal with the SABS paying him a rate of R7000 per shift. The show airs simultaneously for two hours on SABC radio stations, Radio 2000 and Metro FM.

He became the second highest paid sports radio presenter at the SABC with a monthly salary of R154 000. Marawa earns an annual salary of R1.8-million and, by the end of his contract; he would have earned at least R5.5-million.

In addition to this, Marawa has his own YouTube channel, Marawa TV and Marawa Moments which airs on DStv channel 189. Marawa earns upwards of R300 000 a month, thanks to his multiple sources of income.

Health Scares:

Robert Marawa has suffered a series of health scares in the past few years. In 2019 he suffered his third heart attack after his first in 2008.

In conclusion, sports is one of the most passionate topics on any media platform for both listeners, reporters, analysts and commentators. It divides opinion, it ignites debate and it can have enormous highs and lows, and no one does this better than ‘Madluphuthu’.We wish him good health and continued prosperity.