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Check the reason why the show of #Amabishop and ABAFUNDISI must be cancelled

Good people the world is tasty for the ward of God and the time is running out Jesus is coming very soon. This whole show of amabishop and ABAFUNDISI it’s destroying the weak people.

This whole thing of Abafundisi And Amabishop its not Godly because this thing its pushing a lots of people to judge and think that the is no God.

God said in the book of 1 Peter 2:17 Honor all men; love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king.

To this show I don’t see a honor and to this show I don’t see the brotherhood because a brother protect a brother in Christ. And i don’t even think that God is happy too about this whole thing that is happening in the show of Amabishop.

Please hear me well I don’t say this pastor’s who are doing wrong things in the house of the Lord are rite, yes they are wrong to play with the ward of God.

How I wish that people they can respect the things of God and stop making God a jock. This show it destroys the work of God why I’m saying that? Check now lots of people they are saying they are not going to church anymore because pastors are fake.

This show makes the Devil to jump and sing with joy if brothers and sisters are destroying each other like this.