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Cindy Mahlangu Responds To Vicky Jonas’ Apology After Accusing Her Of Stealing Her Man

According to Jonas, Cindy recently was flown out to another city and taken care of by her man whom she is planning to break up with soon because of this. Vicky made the alleged news public after posting the now deleted tweet about Cindy going to out to see her man.

“I see a lot of sh*t happening but keep it quiet. Not Cindy Thando being flewee out by someone who is about to be my ex nig*a” Vicky tweeted.

The actress caught wind of the rumours that were making their way around about her being a man stealer and decided to take legal action to protect her reputation.

Cindy sent out a letter of demand from her lawyers to Vicky demanding her to retract the statement and apologise to the actress for spreading fake news.

The letter demanded that Jonas post the apology on her timeline no later than March 10th and the YouTuber has done as instructed.

Taking to twitter, the YouTuber apologized to the Kings Of Joburg actress claiming that she published the tweet without checking if her facts were straight and she takes back what she said..

“I would like to unreservedly and unequivocally apologize to Cindy Thando for my tweet published on the 5th of March 2021, I was aggrieved by the turn of events then went to publish without applying myself. Thus, I retract my tweet” Vicky Wrote.

The actress responded to Vicky’s public apology and it looks like the hatched might be buried between the two.

It was alleged that Cindy had broken things of with her footballer boyfriend Bongani Zungu after he was suspected of having cheated on the actress while he was on loan to another soccer team overseas.