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Condolences Pour In On Behalf Of Mduduzi “Suffocate” Mabaso

Mduduzi Mabaso is a well-known award-winning actor who portrays Suffocate Ndlovu in the Rhythm City soap opera on Etv. He is known as King of Diepkloof on screen, and he leads a vicious but cool gang.

Mabaso is a versatile actor who can perform roles that need him to represent both a hardened gangster and a law-abiding civilian.

Most of his admirers and followers in the industry believe that one of his best roles to date is that of Suffocate Ndlovu, a township criminal who rose from obscurity to become a commercial entrepreneur.

Since Saturday, the iconic actor has taken to Instagram to convey the heartbreaking news that has shocked the internet. Mduduzi Mabaso recently revealed the sad news that he had lost his father in a post. Mabaso stated in his post that he will always mourn his father and that he wishes his soul will rest in peace.

Users on social media and his peers in the industry have now gone to Instagram to express their condolences to Mduduzi Mabaso and his family, wishing them comfort at this difficult time.

My condolences!!!