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Condolences pour in to #RHOD star Jojo Robinson

Fans across Mzansi are sending words of comfort to Real Housewives of Durban star Jojo Robinson. Jojo lost her father in law yesterday, and she’s pained about it. Jojo shared the news on her Instagram and described the man as a legend, and she also described him as the glue that kept the Robinson family together.

Jojo and Calvin Robinson have been married since 2014; the Robinsons were together for two years before tying the knot. Since Jojo has been with Calvin, his father Tony showed Jojo kindness, welcoming and warmth.

Jojo settled in well with Calvin’s family. Her father in law was very close to Jojo’s son, and he was just a giant teddy bear towards him. Despite loving Jojo, Calvin and their son, she says he hated her tattoos. Each time Jojo showed up with a new tattoo, he said, “Stop it with the tattoos already.” Outside of that, he was the pillar of the family.

Jojo did an entire video and posted it on her Instagram stories explaining how she feels about Tony’s passing. What stood out the most about the video was how she called him ‘dad’. A person from outside can quickly gather he played the role of a good father to Jojo. With her relationship with him being so close, we can imagine how he was close to Jojo’s son.

Since he passed away yesterday, on the 2nd of March 2022, Calvin and Jojo have been quite unreachable. Both have apologized for their absence but asked people to understand they’re grieving. After announcing the news, fans flooded her Instagram to share their condolences message, but she couldn’t reply.

With her late father in law’s dislike for tattoos, Jojo joked about how she would get another tattoo to honour him as he played such a huge role in her life. With everything she’s said about him, we can gather he had a massive heart—condolences to the Robinson family.