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Confirmed: Schools to reopen this date

Confirmed: Schools to reopen this date: For learners have given them a new school return date, as it is no longer July 26, as in previous publications.

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga has released new guidelines on school closures and start-ups announced on July 15. The revised guidelines include learning that requires special assistance with learners in primary school

The new date now states that all elementary school students will attend school daily from August 2nd.

Both elementary and high school students the school will open a backdoor on July 26th instead of the 19th mentioned above. Minister Angie Motshekga has previously returned to normal with all learners fully attended.

According to the latest guidelines, elementary school teachers and special needs schoolteachers will continue to teach and learn for the week of July 26-30 using existing timetables. However, these teachers should use the week of July 26 to “prepare to return all learners to their traditional daily attendance. This means that learners are attending only through a phasing-out timetable one week after school reopens. 8 All learners will return to the old system starting February 2.

However, the Gazette does not show the transfer date for all high school learners. After the school closed last year. All high school students have the following circular timetable to prevent all students from attending classes at the same time. According to the Bulletin, all school management teams, and non-faculty members are returning to school on July 26, in preparation for the return of students. The document also states that the private school has closed the door for a contact session by July 26th.

What do you think about the fact that school children will not be taking turns to go to school anymore? Would you say that it is a suicidal move?