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Confusion in Mzansi as Gauteng Government says there are no records of the delivery of the 10 babies

There is seems to be more confusion in South Africa after the Government of Gauteng responded to the public enquiry on birth of the decuplets. It has come as a shock that the government has said there is no record of the birth of the babies in the province.

“Following reports from the Independent Media group about a Gauteng woman having given birth to decuplets on Monday 07 June 2021, the Gauteng Provincial Government conducted a thorough check with all hospitals in the province to establish the veracity or otherwise of the report.”

“None of the hospitals in the province, public and private have any records of such a delivery in their facilities,” the statement reads.

This comes after the public and other institutions were pushing for a national baby shower. Pleas to the government were made so that the family could be assisted. Members of the public are against the province and think that the provincial government does not want to assist the family and their 10 babies.

Another individual posted saying she knows the family and they do not have the babies instead it is all a scam. However, the family confirms the arrivals of the decuplets. This has caused so much confusion and it has many asking the reliability of journalists in South Africa.

There are videos of the father of the babies confirming the news which is proof but if hospital records are missing then it becomes c mystery. As a result people cannot stop blaming the government for poor services and not doing a proper job. People bring in the Esidimeni incident and ask why the authorities cannot account for those.

The public cannot wait to see how this goes. The police and other departments are on the case and are working to bring the truth to the public.