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Connie Ferguson Has A Message For Daughter Lesedi

This has been quite the rocky year for the Ferguson family. What warms our hearts however, is seeing how well they have been handling the rest of the year. The reason for Connie’s big smile today is celebrating her eldest daughter’s birthday and we couldn’t be more happy.

Taking to her Instagram, Connie took to posting Lesedi with an equally sweet message accompanying her post. It is so great to see the beautiful relationship that mother and daughter have going on and we can only imagine how Uncle Sho must be smiling down on them right now.

“Every time on your birthday, my mind goes back to that night in 1992 at Baragwanath hospital. The anxiety of not knowing what to expect! The excitement of finally welcoming you to the world! I couldn’t wait to mold you in my arms, to see your little gaze looking up at me, to smell you, to kiss you! You were perfect and you still are! A gift! The light of my life! My diva! The #firstdaughter!

I love you so much my baby girl, and I thank God every day for giving me a best friend, confidant, daughter and mother all wrapped in one!🤣 They really don’t make them like you! And I am so so blessed to be your mother! Happy birthday my love!🎂🎉🎊🎈 More grace, light, love and abundance in all your heart desires! Love you baby!❤️😍🥰😘” wrote Connie.

Connie’s comment section is already flooded with many friends and fans wishing Lesedi a happy birthday and of course Lesedi herself was touched by her mother’s words.

It was not that long ago when Lesedi took to her Instagram to share a photo that left many in Mzansi drooling and gushing over how absolutely stunning she is. And judging by the baby photo Connie has shared, there is no denying that Lesedi has grown up to be one gorgeous babe.

This will be the very first birthday Lesedi will be celebrating without Uncle Sho and we can only imagine how much she misses him at this moment. If you can remember, on his four month death anniversary, Lesedi warmed the hearts of many when she took to paying such a heartfelt tribute to her late father.

His death, which left quite the shock in Mzansi, is still being felt by the family and many in the country continue to send them their love and strength during such a time. All in all, we continue to wish them all the joy and happiness the new year brings and of course to Lesedi, a blissful happy birthday.