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Connie Ferguson’s Sister Praises Shona Ferguson In Touching Instagram Post

Connie Ferguson and her family are absolute family goals.

Whether is her daughters or her husband or her sister, Connie Ferguson is always reminding us that family is everything.

Connie Ferguson’s sister, Atoise Pilane, recently praised her husband Shona Ferguson saying he’s a perfect match for her sister.

Atoise wrote.

Le mo tlogele shem. My Big bro is flames. Shona Ferguson and Connie Ferguson, match made in heaven

Recently Atoise Pilane celebrated her mom Margaret Masilo and her sister Connie Ferguson, saying they’re the two most important women in her life.

Atoise wrote

My Queens 👑 The two women who played the biggest part for me to be the woman I am today. I will forever be great full✨🙏✨ Powerful beautiful women✨🙏❣️I love you Moms in heaven and @connie_ferguson My Twinny✨

Atoise Pilane has always made it clear that her sister Connie Ferguson is her favorite person, and once revealed that Connie stepped up for her in a motherly role as well.

You taught me a lot of things, that to present have mounded me into a woman I have become. I will always be grateful for you my Benas, like I always say to you I do t know where I would be right now if you have not taken me under your wing,” she once wrote in a tribute to her sister

Meanwhile Shona Ferguson reminded haters to stay in their own lane and stop spreading fake news about him and his wife and how they run their business.

Shona and Connie Ferguson have been the subject of many rumors on how they conduct their business in the industry.

While some may have mixed feelings about them, the Fergusons have shown that they stick together.

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