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Could Generations Gaddafi Lookalike Replace Him?

They say; if you can’t have the real thing, get a replica and in our case, it’s model Abednigo Mabaso who is a spitting image of Generations heartthrob; Vuyo Dabula known as Gaddafi. Now that’s it’s been confirmed, that our favourite bad-boy is leaving the now gloomy; Generations The Legacy for Netflix’s Queen Isono could we at least console ourselves with a fake Vuyo Dabula, or as some have called him; Vuyo Lite?

The casting directors at Generations are going to have a field day trying to replace Vuyo Dabula who is both talented and handsome to look at on the screen anyways, so why don’t they just make us happy and put Vuyo’s replica to good use?

He can be his younger brother, his twin or come in as Gaddafi 2.0 or Gaddafi with amnesia. The possibilities are endless really and we wouldn’t judge them or complain about him. It will certainly make the show more interesting again and we wouldn’t be stuck with Jack and his gloved hand.

There are plenty of acting coaches who could teach/train Abednigo to act if he can’t. We’ve previously seen plenty of celebrities who’ve never acted before coming on the show and give acting a shot.

Generations like The Queen is not like The River or Mnet’s Legacy where you’re cast based on your talent; with the exception of Tumi and Lindani who has just exited the show.

This would definitely anger Vuyo Dabula for sure as he’s rumoured to be a Diva and has even snubbed his lookalike; Abednigo Mabaso in the media and on social media. Would it anger him enough to reconsider leaving the show though, that’s the question.

The show has now lost 3 main characters excluding Vuyo Dabula’s character. They’ve lost Smanga Moroka, Tau Mogale who is rumoured to be returning briefly in season 7 and Zitha Langa who was fired.

– IHarare