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Could It Be The End Of “Cold Drink Money?” – Mbalula Says Traffic Officers Will Wear Body Camera’s

Like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this could very well be the end of an era for “Cold drink” for some of the people who are serving under law enforcement agencies, this mainly referring to traffic officers.

This Monday afternoon the Minister of Transport, FikileMbalula, shared good news with drivers that Traffic Police officers will now be wearing body cameras.

Which will be used by them as an aid when gathering evidence and also to help improve convictions.

So now people are wondering if this could be the end of cold drink, for some of the corrupt traffic officers?

However there are people who are not so optimistic about these body cams, in terms of stopping bad officers.

Most people are saying that the corrupt officers are going to find a way to get “Cold drink” even with these body cams.

They are saying that every camera has blind spots but we have to remember that these body cams maybe record sounds, so it might not be easy.