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Couples That Church Together, The Relationship Or Marriage Last Long

Couple praying together

If you are a
Christian, then this entire week leading up to this day was quite significant.

Christians around the world every day this week attended church as part of Holy

The main
event or the climax of this week’s episode comes down to this day called Good

Now many
Kaya-FM listeners might get excited when they hear the words Good Friday,
because of the popular Friday morning shows hosted by comedian Skhumba called
Good Fridays with Skhumba.


this Good Friday refers to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

This is also
the time when many people head to church to commemorate the passing of our

Now as you
might be making your way to church today.

Have you
considered asking your bae to tag

religious research, couples that church together stay together.

The Urban Faith publication has listed some
profound reasons on why you should tag along with bae to church this Easter weekend:

1.     The sharing vulnerability

To attend church with your significant other is to let them into your most personal and vulnerable space and you theirs. The church is a city of refuge from a chaotic world and thus it is the space where many can let their hair down, let the tears flow, be silent, or be slain in the spirit but these possibilities of vulnerability can open a relationship up.

2.     Sharing with the Community

When you attend church with your significant other you are also exposing your relationship to a community that should have your best interest in mind.

3.     Sharing a Sacred Space

Gathering in church together can enhance a couple’s spiritual devotion toward God and each other because it binds them to a place, a space if you will in time.

– dailysun