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Covid 19 Grant returning this month, Here’s everything you need to know as you await payment

Good News for people struggling. As Covid 19 payments are set to resume later this month. Unfortunately it’s not what you expect. Even though the Government is trying to help South Africa, they are still ignoring our real needs, and leaving the most vulnerable among us in danger. Here are all the details, as you await your payment.

Not The Covid Payment You expected :

Covid Relief grant is set to resume this month and start with payout. Even though a lot of people are excited about it, this is not the SRD Grant that we have been begging the Government for for the longest time. This is instead something called TERS. TERS is the Temporary Employer / Employee relief scheme and it’s supposed ease the weight placed on people in the business world. It will do this by temporarily paying them a grant until they return to work.

However, even though this scheme can help some people, it largely ignores most of South Africa and the collective needs of the population. People have been asking for the SRD Grant to return for a long time and it’s something that is genuinely needed. Sadly as the working class will get some relief this month. Those that were struggling before the pandemic and is struggling worse now, the most vulnerable among us, will instead have to find a way to make ends meet on their own as instead of being protected by the Government, it seems they are being ignored.

What Needs to be Done :

It cannot be stated enough but the SRD Grant Needs to return. It’s not unreasonable that the Government should help the people during a pandemic especially as the prices of do is and other products start to grow immensely. There has also been calls for a basic income Grant, which would help many South Africans not only provide food for themselves and their families. It would also help them start their own businesses and maintain a little bit of the economy themselves.

I truly believe that the key to save South Africa’s Economy, which has been in serious trouble due to the pandemic, is buy provide citizens with the means to create businesses. Ordinary citizens, who the Government continuously overlooks, is the key to saving the Country. They just haven’t been provided with the means to do it yet.