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“Cyril Is Dishonest & Lacks Credibility” – Zuma Drops Another Bombshell

Following former President Jacob Zuma’s defiance of the Constitutional Court order which was compelling him to appear before the Commission of State Capture, the ANC top 6 requested to have audience with him in attempt to persuade to avoid creating an untenable situation.

Subsequent to the meeting which was held virtually, Secretary-General Ace Magashule revealed to the media that, after listening to Zuma’s complaints against the Commission’s bias against him among many other issues, the top 6 agreed to allow him space to decide on the proper course of action.

However, Independent Online have managed to acquire the notes of the meeting, and it was a highly-charged meeting with tempers flaring. Zuma is believed to have lambasted President Ramaphosa going as far as calling him dishonest and lacking Credibility.

What triggered Zuma’s throwing of tantrums is said to be Ramaphosa’s decision to stop funding the former President’s legal fees for his arm’s deal corruption trial.

And another aspect that drew Zuma’s ire is Cyril’s active participation in Zuma’s removal from office in 2018.

Zuma’s comments along these lines are unsurprising, earlier this year he launched the offensive against Ramaphosa in a hard-hitting letter in wehich he questioned why the judiciary had sealed the infamous CR17Bank Statements.

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What do you make of Zuma’s reported outburst against the President, does it perhaps smack of disrespect or he is simmering war?