Home News Cyril Ramaphosa to deploy SOLDIERS to maintain the situation in KZN?

Cyril Ramaphosa to deploy SOLDIERS to maintain the situation in KZN?

There is a lot of tension that is happening in South Africa. After the former president of South Africa was sent to jail for 15 months, there has never been peace in this country. People are angry and they want him out of jail as soon as possible. There are horrible things that are happening right now in the kzn.

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Jacob Zuma supporters will do everything in their power to make sure that Zuma is out of jail. Even if it means killing people, burning buildings and disturbing the operation of the economy of this country. We have seen this kind of situation before, and what is happening right now it is not clear whether it will come to an end anytime soon or there will be more chaos to be expected. It is really sad as some people’s businesses are impacted, and they can no longer function properly.

People have realized that the South African police service are trying to restore order and Peace, however they seem to be failing decimally chaotic actions you continue. People Suggested that it is time for the South African president to save this country by looking at alternative law enforcement that can do a better job when combined with the South African police service. It is not often to see soldiers roaming around the streets and trying to restore peace and chase after criminals.

Its main purpose is to make sure that the entire South Africa is not invaded illegally by foreign Nationals. Soldiers of this country make sure that there is no illegal trading, there are no drugs and hijacked vehicles that are transported in and out of the country without them knowing. We will see if the South African president can deploy soldiers to restore peace in this country