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#DateMyFamily Bachelor Zander Leaves Viewers Drooling

On Today’s episode we had 30 year old Zander from Pretoria. The man surely did leave many viewers drooling over his looks. But also many were left displeased with how he carried himself. He left an impression that he was only on Date My Family to promote his music.

In the first family Zander picked up that the women were dizzy over him. So he took that do his advantage and made the Bachelorette’s friends twirl for him. Zander also seemed to have taken a liking for one of the Bachelorette’s friends Dimakatso while the other friend Palesa liked him so much she couldn’t hide it. The girl was deeply blinded by his looks and charm.

Mamokete our second bachelorett is really desperate for a men, she was on Pastor Wants A Wife yesterday and today here on Date My Family. Yesterday it was Moruti and today she is being rejected by Zander.

Out of the women I’ve seen on Date My Family Siphosethu the chosen bachelorett has to be the most pleasant Woman they’ve had on the show. It was a real pleasure watching her. Zander did say that she seemed kind of crazy but in a fun way.