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#DateMyFamily: Lack of effort from ‘DMF’ bachelor Pheello leaves fans unimpressed!

The lack of effort to look good and charm the hell out of the potential dates’ families landed latest Date My Family bachelor Pheello in Mzansi’s bad books on Twitter.

The DMF squad tuned in this week to be introduced to Pheello from Kanana in North West. He described himself as an ambitious guy who is trying to make it in the entertainment industry and hoping to meet a lady who will challenge him.

At first glance, most tweeps felt Pheello was on the wrong show. They immediately matched his aesthetic to Moja Love’s dating-themed reality show Single and Mingle. They reasoned Pheello looked like he isn’t fitting into the “classy” category most of the families expected him to be and the families were “judging a book by its cover”.

No matter what he said, Pheello was failing to impress because the family reps focused on his tattoos, his lack of effort around his outfits and his “unpolished” style.

“Today’s bachelor looks ’gangster’,” said one tweep after Pheello introduced himself.

“After watching tonight’s episode of Date My Family I’m a bit concerned as how these candidates are chosen. You can see Pheello had a bit of aggression. You can easily see the date felt unsafe. This ‘humour’ should really come to a stop,” said another after observing Pheello

“This guy should have gone to Single and Mingle,” said another as the show continued.

More than his looks, it seems tweeps were not impressed by Pheello’s lack of effort into getting a “W” or love out of the episode.

Here are some of the other reactions in memes:

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