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#DateMyFamily- The Bachelor Doesn’t Look Like His Age & Quite Disrespectful

On this week’s episode, we meet 36 year old flight attendant, Sihayo Ngobese. He describes himself as people’s person. He is looking for a tall guy who is willing to compromise. He does not look like his age and quite disrespectful.

This is the first contestant his family represented him well but Sihayo did not choose him. Sihayo said he is attractive and all that but he did not connect exactly with his family, he was 0.01% chose. This lady is an upcoming actress as she was on Muvhango and represented family 1. People think she is beautiful as you guys can see, they love her skin and the manner she speaks.

People are saying she is the black version of Bernadette. This is the second contestant, he is studying law and Sihayo felt like he is just a student and doesn’t see anything potential in him. He does not drink and he is moody, Sihayo said he is moody because he does not drink. His family also did not represent him well.

Sihayo when he first walked in their home he felt a good energy and just connected with his family so which means they represented him well. He is the third contestant and his name is Benvolio and was inspired by Shakespeare. Sihayo chose Ben because he just knew they would connect and they really did.