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David Genaro Returns To TV

Former Rhythm City actor, Jamie Bartlett who played the villainous role of David Genaro has returned to TV.
The award-winning actor who exited ETV’s soon-to-be-canned show began his new show which is titled “Hard Topics with Jamie Bartlett” on Hillbrow TV today.
The actor’s show apparently handles hard topics such as spiritual awakening, sexual reproductive health topics and so many more topics that people wouldn’t dare address.
It is reported that Barlett was handpicked to host the show because of his rawness and authenticity.
The director, Hams Hanana spoke to Daily Sun where he stated: “We decided to have Jamie on the show because of his realness and the fact that he likes the truth. So, we, as a media platform, always bring real and raw issues affecting people, especially black people and we feel he knows our struggle and pain.
He’s a person who always asks the relevant questions. Questions, that get people to always think further. Plus, he grew up around the hood. We are more than happy to have him at our platform. We know we’re going to move mountains.”
The much loved actor who was celebrated across the continent shocked Mzansi when he exited Rhythm City after 13 years of playing David Genaro.
Here are some of his clever lines as David Genaro:
“The resemblance between you and Grumpy cat is uncanny.”
“I need you to get a hold of those nipple connections of yours and I need you to milk  like you’re very thirsty, Ron.”
“Look behind you right now. Is there a little person back there hunched over with fear? A sidechickis the sign of a serious problem.”
“David to Ronald: “What do you want me to do? Get on my kit and give you a flipping lap-dance?”
“My dig is,I don’t think he likes me too much and I’m not gonna be sleeping so well while I’m out there.”
“You don’t honestly believe that Lucilla wouldn’t stab you in the back. Come on! Do me a favour,man. Hell’s Teeth.”
“You called me a monster. Correct, I’m a monster. And if you don’t like it darling, you can lump it, because that is the way that I role…
“Do I look like I’ve just slipped in on a flippin banana peal.”
*Guard Opens Door* David : “Thank You,Father”.
“If you wanna run with big dogs you’ve gotta’ learn to piss in the long grass.”
 – ZAlebs