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David Genaro’s quotes that made him famous Rhythm City

As he disappeared from our TV screens a big hole was left in our hearts, especially to all the Rhythm City show fans. He had Jamie Bartlett make a huge name for himself and made Rhythm City gain so many fans just because of his intricate character David Genaro.

He and Miles Vlikazi made the show’s revenge and animosity side of things look more real and relatable that it almost seemed real. They made TV drama and our prime time more fun and enjoyable.

So to learn that such a soul has left us is so much terrible and heart-breaking. So here are some of the quotes that made fans fall in love with David Genaro from Rhythm City…

1.”We need to suck this whirlwind up, cuz they are gonna give us 17 kinds of kak”.

2. “Do I looked like I’ve just slipped in on a flippin banana peal”

3. “The last thing I need, is some personal beef with the bacon in blue…”

4. You called me a monster. Correct, I’m a monster. And if you don’t like it darling, you can lump it, because that is the way that I role…

5. Now what are your grandkids going to say, Seymour, when they see their uncle playing doctor-doctor with a bulldozer driver?