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Dead End For Jub Jub As Moja Love TV Suspends His Show

Moja Love Tv has released a statement to announce that they are suspending Jubjub regarding the accusations of gender based violence against Amanda Du Pont.

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Moja Love Tv also revealed that they were not part of the editorial of MacG’s podcast on Wednesday on Channel O. Jubjub thought he had it good on that interview, not knowing that he is implicating himself into more trouble about his past relationships. Moja Love was the only platform that had given him a chance to change and live a better life, but unfortunately he has not learned anything from his past mistakes.

Jubjub has multiple shows on Moja Love which are loved by many people, and always trending each and every night. Things will definitely not be the same for him. People will never look at him the way they use to. There are many people who have done mistakes like him and never got opportunities in life the way he did, but still it was not enough for him. The Moja Love Tv did not say how long he will be suspended for, this means that it is possible for him to come back to the screens very soon.

Jubjub had the best things going on on his life, just as soon as he got out of prison in 2012. There is no doubt that South Africans love to see him on television. Jubjub may come back to Moja Love television after clearing his name, that is if he is being falsely accused of the things they say about him on the media. Gender based violence is not taken very lightly in South Africa these days, whether you are guilty or not once you are being accused of such it is over for your career.