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DEATH HOAX: Is Jaden Smith dead or alive?

Celebrities are especially vulnerable to Internet predators. On social media, one such rumor spread by Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith claims that the actor is dead, but that’s not the case.

Many TikTok and Twitter users have been checking in on the young star after he was claimed to have died in an accident, according to baseless Internet rumors.

Jaden Smith is alive

Apparently, Jaden Smith has passed away due to an unfounded TikTok video that appeared out of nowhere.

Several people started paying tribute to the Karate Kid star after they were led to believe that he was involved in a car accident. Several TikTok users investigated further and found that it was just another celebrity death hoax.

Following the establishment that isn’t true, they have warned fellow platform users against these false rumors.

He is alive and well

In the wake of rumors about Jaden’s passing, his latest tweet left some fans confused, as they didn’t understand what it meant.

In a tweet dated February 24, 2022, he wrote: “Invisible.” Several fans were concerned about Jaden’s post because he failed to explain it in any way.

Despite what has been going around on TikTok the last few hours, Jaden’s tweet is a sign that he is still very much alive.

Baseless rumors shut by fans

When the rumors started gaining traction about Jaden’s death, fans rushed to Twitter to put an end to it.

The tweet read: “So, Jaden Smith is alive.”

Wondering why he was declared dead by TikTokers in a car accident. Perhaps Nsereko bill should take action against those reckless people.”

“I checked Will Smith’s, Jada’s, and Willow’s pages several times; I think it’s just a popularity contest!” One wrote. “Jaden Smith is doing well, I can assure you.”

A fan said, “To those who spread the hoax story that Jaden Smith died in a car accident, you’re all so sick. I can only imagine the agony his family had to endure, even after they discovered it was a hoax. 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour. Everyone needs to check yourselves.”