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Death Prophecy For South African Actress

One of the fastest rising man of God who is not only proving to be fastest rising but too accurate to ignore.

Rising man of God who is proving to be very accurate in seeing and pre-telling events Mellontik Orasi From Zimbabwe today released a disturbing prophecy concerning a South African actress he says he see passing away.

According to this Prophet who correctly prophesied Zambian Elections outcome and events currently happening Zambia once again proved worthwhile when he released how fake prophets will be shamed in Zambia.

We are talking about the Man who prophesied death of bra Hugh Masekela. The man who prophesied the last world cup winners.

In a Facebook prophecy Mellontik Orasi of the Mellontik Orasi ministration mentioned that south Africa shall lose a female character in acting and mentioned of a weekend without specifying.

The fans of Mellontik Orasi however said quickly it does not matter if they pray because whatever he say come to pass. We wonder who the actress is.