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Devastating News For Podcast And Chill Fans

There is hardly a podcast that has gripped the nation as hard as Podcast and Chill with MacG has. But even with its massive success on YouTube, the show is yet to capture as much interest on TV.

As entertainment commentator Phil Mphela reports, the show has not been doing as well on TV as it has been on YouTube. The show’s most watched show ever got 154 thousand views on TV, a massive difference from the 1.1 million views it has garnered on YouTube, where it was posted on 3rd December 2021. We have to admit, a podcast getting over one million views in less than a week is pretty impressive.

Chillers are the most loyal fan base in the country, and they are coming out strongly to defend their favourite show. They have come up with possible reasons why the show could be doing so terribly on TV.

Many are suggesting that nobody really watches TV any more, and those who do only watch other stuff like sports and soapies. Since such shows air for a limited time (only during their time slot), their fans are forced to watch at that time. In contrast, the podcast is posted on YouTube and can be watched any time, so not too many of its fans would see the point in watching it under pressure on TV when they could do it at their own convenience later on YouTube.

Others have attributed the low ratings to their perceived failure of the channel. According to them, Channel O does not have a big viewership anyway, so there is no way that the show could have pulled a bigger audience than the channel can manage as a whole.

But tweeps have also not forgotten that MacG and his chillers made fun of The Braai Show with Cass for pulling 2 million viewers, which they think is ironic since they can’t even manage a quarter of that themselves.

However, the poor ratings could be because, as many chillers think, the episodes are more detailed on YouTube. Apparently, the TV channel cuts out some parts, such that the most juicy details are missed. Chillers would thus much rather get the full tea on YouTube instead.