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Did you all see Jacob Zuma’s daughter serving tea with her revealing clothes?

This is totally unacceptable. How can a daughter of a respected man served visitors, especially JuliusMalema wearing like that. Malema is a married man if she thinks him getting close to her father will give her chance to win him.

Ladies learn to respect yourselves around elderly people.

Julius Malema and Former President Zuma have an interesting political history, one that can described differently prior to Polokwane ,Manguang and post the formation of the EFF. When they decide to ‘smoke the peace pipe’, it’s simply newsworthy!

Helicopter drama was cut and copied from Donald Trump’s departure from white house only to be pasted in nkandla. Remember, he said, he has no respect for Trump. Now, he has identified his real role models

EFF supporters were taught to hate Zuma… So i have a question for EFF supporters do y’all continue hating Zuma or you follow the leader who’s making you feel lost.

I hope He apologized first because they might have made peace but we the voters, the Parliament employer have not forgotten how He insulted Our than President hope you’ll remember who put the current leaders in their position and who has the powers to remove.