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Did you know these countries have men with the largest manhood sizes in the world?

Manhood size is one of the most avoided topics in men. Men always wonder, is it big enough? How does it compare to others in my country? A men’s status is measured by the kind of horses they ride, but his strength in the bedroom is measured by the size of his manhood.

But sometimes it is not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Savanna News takes you through countries with the largest manhood sizes according to research. Congo tops the chart, with an average of 7,1 inches, and an equivalent of 18 centimetres. Ecuadorian men are second with an average of 17,7cm.

The highly popular Ghanaian men are third with an average of 17,3 cm. South African men are not quite gifted as they only manage 6 inches when erect. They fall below Zimbabwean men with their manhood stretching an average of 6,1 inches.

Ecuadorian men have the largest manhood outside Africa as their average size is 17 cm long followed by Colombians who impressively have an average of 17 inches. Another African country in the green category is Sudan, with an average of 6,4 inches long. United States men, who are the most admired in the world only manages 12.9cm when stretched.

Republic of Congo – 18cm (7.1 inches)

Ecuador – 17.7cm (7 inches)

Ghana – 17.3cm (6.8 inches)

Columbia – 17cm (6.7 inches)

Zimbabwe – 16.8(6.6 inches)

Iceland – 16.5cm (6.5 inches)

Italy – 15.7cm (6.2 inches)

South Africa – 15.2cm (6 inches)

Sweden – 14.9cm (5.9 inches)

Greece – 14.7cm (5.8 inches)

Germany – 14.4cm (5.7 inches)

New Zealand – 13.9cm (5.5 inches)

UK – 13.9cm (5.5 inches)

Canada – 13.9cm (5.5 inches)

Spain – 13.9cm (5.5 inches)

France – 13.4cm (5.3 inches)

Australia – 13.2cm (5.2 inches)

Russia – 13.2cm (5.2 inches)

USA – 12.9cm (5.1 inches)

Ireland – 12.7cm (5.03 inches)

Romania – 12.6cm (5.01 inches)

China – 10.9cm (4.3 inches)

India – 10.1cm (4 inches)

China – 10.1cm (4 inches)

Thailand – 10.1cm (4 inches)

South Korea – 9.6cm (3.8 inches)

North Korea – 9.6cm (3.8 inches)