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DJ Euphonik wins court case against Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai’s legal woes continue as Euphonik has reportedly won his defamation case against her. This all started when Ntsiki alleged that both DJ Fresh and Euphonik are rapists about 2 years ago.

According to TshisaLive, Ntsiki has been ordered to stop talking, or posting about Euphonik on her social media. Last year, Euphonik took matters to court and the matter has now been laid to rest.

Yesterday, March 10, the court ordered Ntsiki to “pay the costs related to the application.”

A few days ago, Ntsiki celebrated finally paying DJ Fresh his R200K and said she now has to pay “the other DJ.”

This whole thing started when Ntsiki called Black Coffee out for being a rape apologist after he booked Euphonik for an event, called Deep In The City.

Ntsiki tweeted, “If you wanna see the other rapists, watch who is rallying behind other rapists. When DJs put each other on the line-ups, it’s like an invitation to a rapethe- groupies party,” said Ntsiki, adding a #muteeuphonik.

Another tweet by Ntsiki reads, “And you will rally and clap hands like a bunch of monkeys who can’t tell right from wrong. A gig with predators and violent men in the line-up. Nice.”

Fresh said on Podcast and Chill that he never had to go to court to win his case against Ntsiki. “The arrogance carried on, so it went to court and then she lost … with costs. And I think the costs were almost two-hundred grand. And it didn’t have to go there, this thing could have ended immediately.”

Penny Lebyane also got dragged into this and in his court documents, Fresh accused her of being the original author of the post.

But Penny took to the papers and defended herself, she said, “In his founding affidavit, he cites that I originated the post that Ntsiki retweeted, which is not true. The second thing he says [is about] a restraining order against me from whatever years ago, which to my knowledge is not true. We are questioning how you mention me in a court document without giving me a right to answer for myself. I also want to understand how whatever decision the judge makes against Ntsiki affects me.”